Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Tar Heel Treasure Hunt

A Tar Heel Treasure Hunt

Looking for the treasure? Then North Carolina is place to be for you, from Blackbeard’s loot and hidden Confederate gold to the secret history of money lots of our state riches are still unearthed.

Fortunately I will let you know where to look!

Pirates Gold - Pirates have often buried their treasures on the Island of North Carolina coast. As unstable as our coast is lots of these Islands have been washed away so next time you are enjoying beautiful North Carolina Beaches take a closer look at the shells that are being washed out you might be surprised.

Blackbeard’s loot - North Carolina oldest town Bath was the home base of Edward Teach better know as “Blackbeard” It’s been a local joke that every time you work in your yard neighbor will ask you have you found the treasure. It has been believed that he buried sizable treasure close to where Bath Creek empties in to Pamlico River and other then few rumors about brick vault on the beach that was found open and looked like a large wooden chest was dragged down the beach nothing was found yet.

Pots of Rebel Gold – Tales of confederate gold that has been buried along the rail road tracks between Greensboro and Burlington to keep it falling in to hands of union soldiers. Some claim that there is a proof for Capitan J.W. Duchasa and his man boarding the train in Mississippi with dozen of iron cooking pots full of gold from the confederate treasure.

This might be a good start for you and your family. You might not find a treasure in North Carolina but I can promise you a good time and tons of fun exploring our rich history and learning about our legends!

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