Monday, December 10, 2012

Breathe Cleaner Aire in Eastern North Carolina

 Breathe Cleaner Aire in Eastern North Carolina

  Mark and his son Ryan are passionate about enabling you to BREATHE CLEANER AIR! The services they currently offer include:

* Air Quality Testing-We can test for various levels of Dust, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, Smoke.
* Air Duct Cleaning and Inspecting-By way of a state of the art video camera, inserted into your vents to show you the before and after. We can even give you a video copy to take to your doctor for possible insurance coverage.
* Clean out you clothes dryer vent duct-This is a must if you have not had this done in the last 6 months or are getting a NEW dryer. 15,000 dryer fires burn down homes or cause thousands of damage every year! DON'T BE NEXT!
* Microbial Fogging Treatments-This is done after the cleaning of your ducts. It kills germs in places canned arisol sanitation can't go.
* Replace filters and provide you with a maintenance plan which will enable us to come back time and time again to keep your servicing up to date.
* Duct Sealing- If we notice a situation that can be easily remedied, we'll correct it...otherwise we will recommend a HVAC company if you don't have one.
* Attic door insulation-Thousands of dollars over the years can escape through your attic door. We will protect your hard earned dollars from evaporating.
* Home safety detectors- Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Humidity Detectors can be checked and or installed to protect you and your Family!

  Please visit their website or call the for more informations

With new construction being more and more airtight and allergies present more then ever in every single family service providers like this one are very important. If you consider listing your home for sale this would be a great marketing feature as it will appeal to many buyers that might deal with allergies.

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