Monday, September 21, 2015

10 Beautiful Historic Towns In North Carolina

   New Bern made a list!  Again no surprise here that out charming little New Bern has been recognized again as on of the Top historic cities in North Carolina.

           New Bern'’s 300 Year History Has Culminated Into A Unique Blend Of Old And New.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The 10 Best Places In North Carolina To Raise A Family

New Bern NC made a list. No surprise there! 

                    Parade of Preschoolers - Picture by 
     I was fortunate enough to get to raise my family in New Bern NC and this announcement came as no surprise to me!  Having lived on a different continent and several different countries I didn't think places like New Bern still exist. To highlight only few benefits, out of many....
Location - New Bern is located 40 min from some North Carolina greatest beaches. Hours of learning and fun guarantied any time of the year. 

Rich in History - New Bern has been founded in 1710. This charming town did amazing job Preserving lots of historic sites like, Firemen Museum, New Bern Academy Museum,  North Carolina History Center

Excellent Schools List of local schools 

Amazing Community - This town is children friendly in its entirety! Starting with library (Excellent children sections and reading activities)  Large Variety of sports, Art workshops, Local Theaters.... Just to name the few!

 There are few things that change in your life when you become a parent :) One very important change for me was that you learn to appreciate quality time with your family! Living in New Bern allowed me to eat lunches with my children to be involved with their schools and to be on the sidelines! We do enjoy our somewhat slower  but by no means sleepy lifestyle and we refuse to spend our days in traffic 

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