Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Easy staging tips for home sellers!

    When the housing inventory is bursting at the seams, it is tougher than ever for sellers to entice homebuyers. That doesn't mean home sellers should just give up.

Instead, they should take proactive steps to present their homes so potential buyers can envision themselves living there as soon as they walk through the doors.

Professional home stagers set up furniture, decor and accessories to present homes in their best light but they charge hefty fees as well.

So if you are like most of the home sellers now days and don’t have too much extra equity to play with here are few tips for you to stage like a pro

·         "Organize all of the cabinets,"   - Messy cabinets make it look like you don't have enough storage. Storage sells!

·        “Highlight the strengths and draw attention away from weaknesses” Don’t decorate weaknesses draw attention away from them by decorating strengths  

·        “When arranging furniture, make the rooms look spacious.” Home sellers tend to push furniture against walls to create space, but "floating" the furniture -- creating furniture groupings away from walls -- adds space to the room. 

·        give each room a purpose. Instead of a junk room, create a craft room, sewing room, reading room, office or game room. 

·        When each room has a purpose, you show how the space can be used -- without clutter

·        Make sure every room has plenty of light `  Lighting makes a home appear welcoming and inviting

·        Add accessories to your bathroom and kitchen ~ Remember cute sells!  Transform it from a regular bathroom into a spa

 No matter what market condition you always want to present your home in best possible light and help buyers make a decision. Price and presentation are two most important factors when selling a home and they make all of the difference between being listed and SOLD.