Monday, April 21, 2008

Catching Glitches in Time Saves Deals

Prelisting Inspections: Head off trouble

Prelisting inspections — examinations paid for by the seller before a house is put on the market —are becoming an increasingly popular way for practitioners to not only reduce the possibility of last-minute surprises but also give their cli­ents’ homes a marketing edge.

The last-minute discovery of a home defect can send you into crisis mode, requiring your seller to hire a contractor to correct the problem or slash the asking price. And if a buyer uncovers problems after the home is sold, they might even respond with a lawsuit.

On the other hand, if you work with buyers, it’s helpful very important for them to find out everything about house and to have a good professional to help them along the way.

Here is a nice and helpful web site that can answer most of your questions about home inspections as well as develop your ability to spot home defects in time can save you time, energy, and money down the line.

The Home Inspection Supersite -

The site’s “Get Advice” and “Browse Library” sections contain articles that teach users how to identify and fix common home defects, as well as addition information that explains the home inspection process.

The Home Inspection Supersite “Home Inspection Checklist” provides a thorough listing of potential defects, covering both home interiors and exteriors. It allows prospective buyers to grade individual home features from basements to roofs, as good, fair, or poor. As the site points out, this document isn’t a substitute for an inspection by a licensed, trained home inspector. But it can be a handy resource to help buyers keep track of specific home details that can become blurry for them after they’ve seen a few houses. The site also provides a state-by-state home inspector directory, but you can always relay on your Realtor to provide you with a directory of reliable local professionals.

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