Thursday, November 14, 2013

River Bend in New Bern NC Real Estate Market Update November 14, 2013

   November 14, 2013

River Bend Real Estate Market Update 

There are currently 66 properties listed for sale in River Bend community.

3 of them are bank owned properties and I am very please to say that we have been seeing a decrees in this number.

There are 9 properties under contract today and 3 of them are bank owned foreclosures.

In the last 3 months 21 properties sold in river bend and 4 of them have been bank owned foreclosures.

River Bend community currently has 9,1 months worth of inventory (That is if no other homes come on the market).  And this number (as bad as it looks) is much better then what we have been seeing in the past 4 years. This time in 2011 we had 107 properties listed for sale in River Bend. I am so happy to see number of foreclosures decline and hopefully we will see market condition improve with it.

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