Friday, May 31, 2013

An Active Retirement is Not Just Keeping Busy

An active retirement is not just keeping busy, but engaging in quality activities that make your life worthwhile. If we attempt to fill our newly found free time with quick distractions rather than quality activities, we may eventually become bored. Here are some of the key ingredients of quality retirement activities to help guide your planning:

Find something you are passionate about
Find something that challenges you
Find something that helps others
Find something that is long term

  You can find all of this and more in New Bern North Carolina! Rich in history and surrounded by two beautiful river New Bern has so much to offer. You can volunteer on one of many historic sites. Stay active and learn about history of this sweet little town and North Carolina!

  For opportunities contact Tryon Palace or New Bern Preservation society.

  If you think New Bern North Carolina might be a place for you please contact us for you free relocation package

Sonja Babic
Your North Carolina Broker

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