Tuesday, October 26, 2010

60 day's till Christmas.....

We have 60 more days’ left till Christmas! You still have time to take advantage of this incredible buyers market and get your family in to that new home before Christmas. But you don't have any time to waist right now!

• Get your finances in order before you start looking
• Get your loan preapproval (That will give you better idea about your future payments and how much money you can comfortably spend. But more important right now it will get you in to much better negotiating position.)
• Choose your buyers agent (You needed an experienced agent that you feel comfortable with, an agent that will be looking out for you and your best interest. In the state on North Carolina having a buyers agent is the only way for you to have a true representation)
• Make a check list of things that are very important for you and your family as well as list of thing that would be nice but are not as important. (This will be very helpful later on when you are making decision and are overwhelmed with all of the houses you have seen)

Ready set lets go.........

Form the time you start your reapproving proceeds you can plan to close in 6 weeks. Some banks are able to close as fast as 2 weeks but that would depend on your financial situation as well as banks requested procedures. Make sure to clarify that at that initial appointment with your mortgage broker.

Now it's time to call Sonja and let me help you find that perfect home ... 252-617-0861

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