Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Near-normal Atlantic hurricane season is most likely this year

NOAA Issues Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook, Encourages Preparedness

Recommended Disaster Supply Kit

Have an emergency supplies ready and packed in one place before disaster hits. Store supplies in an easy to carry case or container with ID tag (very important!)

For Medical Needs

First Aid Kit

Prescriptions and all the medication you are currently taking with instruction and dosage information's.

List of allergies

Extra glasses and hearing aid batteries.

Medical insurance information's

List of doctors as well relatives to be contacted should you gat injured

General Emergency Supplies

Battery operated radio or TV, flashlight and extra batteries

Change of clothing, shoes and rain gear

Blankets or sleeping bags

Extra set of keys

Cash, credit cards, cell phone, cell phone charger

Personal hygiene supplies

Phone numbers for friends and family

Insurance agent name and number

Proof of residency (Driver license is not sufficient you need tax bill or such)


1 gallon per person per day, and plan on at least 3 days. Make sure it is stored in light and unbreakable containers.

Non perishable food

Chose food that are easy to carry and that are ready to eat. Make sure to get something nutritious and include appropriate openers

Important family documents

They should be kept on one place in a water proof, portable container at all times.

Special Items

Baby Items

Pets Items

Entertainment (books, light electronics etc.)

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