Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This year government wants to give you $8,000 why not take it?

This year government wants to give you $8,000 why not take it? 

  Take advantage of this great and unique opportunity and get some money from government. There is so much you might not know and yes you might qualify as well to take advantage of this. There are many misconceptions about this credit and one of them is that if you previously owned a home you cannot qualify. WRRONG First time buyer is a buyer that have not purchased home in the last 3 years! There might me more for you to learn so please take your time and watch this great video that explains it very well. 

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  Sonja Babic
  Sonja Babic with Prudential Clear Water Realty is your New Bern and North Carolina Real Estate Broker! Looking for waterfront, historic or golf? We have it all! Conveniently located and with so much to offer New Bern is a great place to work, play and retire! 

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