Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Bern is covering up for the cold front!

New Bern is covering up for the cold front!

Weather forecasters expect temperatures to reach the low to mid teens in New Bern on Saturday morning, the coldest air the area has felt in about five years. Officials are advising people to stay indoors and take their plants and pets with them. Cold air has already caused several accidents around the county as we were seeing some ice on the roads. Officials are warning drivers to watch out for slick bridges and overpasses the next several days. A cold front will begin to move through the area today, bringing the coldest arctic air New Bern will feel this winter and high temperatures are expected to stay in low 30s for the next 3-4 days. Some local golf courses are closing as they are covering greens in order to prevent possible serious damage to the facilities.
With sinking temperatures local Charity organizations are gearing up to offer as much assistance as well as to educate public about safety and hypothermia. People must understand how to safely heat their homes when temperatures drop into the teens as that is something this area is not used to. If you have extra winter clothing or blankets please remember Religious Community Services located on 919 George St (252) 633-2767 as they have people lined up and they are always doing such a phenomenal job helping New Bern area's less fortunate.

Be vary careful with your fuel and heating systems and drive safe!

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