Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is it finally time to buy?

Is it finally time to get off the fence and buy?

If you have been paying close attention to real estate market in the past two years as most of us have you have witnessed a steady decline, decline and some more decline in prices as well as sales. However you must have noticed last four weeks different trend. Sales are up almost 10% in most of the markets as well as sales prices. That might not seam significant but if you take in to consideration that we are entering holiday season witch is typically our slowest time of a year that number looks amazing. I see this to be result of few things that have happened, sellers are more reasonable with pricing as well as condition of the homes offered for sale, inventory has been somewhat reduced as there isn’t much new construction happening any more and last but not least elections are over. If there is that great house offered for sale that you really like do you thing that it will still be there few months from now?

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Sonja Babic

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