Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Brief Look at Craven County Schools

Craven County 2008/2009 school year is starting on 25th of August this year and here is just a brief look at our school system.
Craven County School District consists of 22 schools. 14 elementary 5 middle and 3 high schools that are attend by aprox. 15,000 students today. With 1,900 employees craven County Schools is the second larges employer in the county. Over the past 10 years average reading and math scores have increased for more then 20% and proficiency goals for reading math and writing are 80%. Middle school drop out rate is 0% and high school drop out rate is less then 4%.
School safety is a shared responsibility of the parents, educators, community as well as students and it is ensured with everyone's participation and open dialogue.
Use link below to visit Craven County Board of Education web site and from there you can visit every individual school web site. Craven County Schools

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