Friday, July 18, 2008

North Carolina Symbols Part V

State Tree, Pine - The pine was officially designated as the State Tree by the General Assembly of 1963. Contrary to popular belief, no specific type of pine tree was specified in the Session Law. Eight types are considered indigenous to the state, including the eastern white, loblolly, longleaf, pitch, pond, shortleaf, table mountain, and virginia. The pine is the most common of the trees found in North Carolina, as well as the most important one in the history of our State. During the Colonial and early Statehood periods, the pine was a vital part of the economy of North Carolina. From it came many of the "naval stores" - resin, turpentine, and timber - needed by merchants and the navy for their ships. The pine has continued to supply North Carolina with many important wood products, particularly in the building industry.
According to North Carolina Forests, 2002 (published by the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service), softwood species (like pine, hemlock, and spruce) made up 34% of the state's total wood volume, with the loblolly pine being the predominant species.

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